Balancing Act: Mother and Business Owner

My Son, Ian



I love what I am doing, my business is moving forward, my skills have increased enormously, and it is passion for what I love that motivates      me. But aside from the passion I have for photography, an amazing direct effect is that it is giving me more time with this guy.

My son is the love of my life, and God must have known I’d be a photographer because– I mean, look at him! How much more photogenic could he be? Editing from home may be tedious and time-consuming, but we have come up with some great ideas to include him. When it’s time for me to “make the pictures,” as Ian puts it, we set up a big palette of every pillow and blanket we can find in the house and put them in a big heap on my office (my HOME office) floor. I am not across town– I am here with my baby. We bring in his gameboys, his coloring books, and his other toys. Then we put on Pandora, and I work on my editing while he plays on his big, cushy palette. We have had plenty an afternoon in the office jamming to music and hanging out. And now as he is getting closer to five, he actually asks me to take him out for pictures! He wants to learn how to use cameras, and though right now his pictures consist of Odie (the Dog), and non-flattering close ups of me, I think I might have passed something on here! Being a mom is the most rewarding job. There is no paycheck, yet I feel like the richest woman in the world to have this boy.

My photography business has made me so happy because I am fulfilling my own passions but still get to be the kind of mother this amazing child deserves.