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About Me

Thank you for taking an interest in me! My name is AshleyLyn. I am a Wedding and Editorial Photographer and owner/lead photographer of AshleyLyn Photography, located in Dallas, Texas. Ever since I was young, I knew I would make a career out of creativity and art. In high school, I was an Advanced Placement artist; in university, I pursued a background in film cinema, which gives my photography an interesting film-stylized flair. Photography and I came together and found each other naturally. The more I practiced photography, the more I wanted to learn, until my craving became a full-blown career and creative outlet. It is absolutely an intense passion and I love meeting all the amazing, different, and unique people that it leads me to. I will never stop trying to better myself and my art: I learn from each and every person I am given the chance to photograph, and feel so fortunate to be doing so.

My Favorite Picture of the Wedding: The Groom’s face as he first sees his bride walking towards him. Everyone is naturally watching the Bride, and at that moment I like to see the love in the Groom’s eyes.

My Favorite Part of Being a Photographer: My favorite part of being a photographer: Capturing the beauty in the details of things that we so often pass over unknowingly, and later sharing that beauty with others.

ian odieDSC_1657About My Family

My son: Ian, He is 7 years old. He is the most beautiful thing in my life and I love being a mother.

My Pup: My Husky, Ode-Dog, my loyal sidekick.

 My Parents: They are both extremely influential parts of my life. My father is a successful, self made entrepreneur with a large business which I grew up with. He is an amazing motivator. His work-ethic has been instilled in me and I carry on his “don’t do anything half-hearted” attitude! My mother is the most selfless, wonderful, loving mother there is, an she has encouraged me throughout my journey in photography. No matter what I’ve done, she has pushed me to always improve myself and never to settle.

My Sister: Courtney. She is absolutely brilliant. She is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Computer Security in Montreal, Canada.

About My Equipment

Camera Bodies: Nikon D700 & Nikon D200.

Lenses: I prefer the unique quality that primes offer. I have a wide angle 35mm, a standard 50 mm, and an 85mm portrait lens. I also have a 24-70mm 2.8 that stays on my camera body for the majority of weddings and events.

Lighting: I am a natural light enthusiast. Nothing to me is more stunning and has as much of an impact as natural light. When I want to produce certain effects, however, I use flashes, pocket wizards, umbrellas, and studio lights with softboxes. And there are multiple occasions that call for these.

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